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Rated E for exciting new content and opportunities


Pixel-Flick Entertainment works closely with the independent filmmaking community in their journey to develop new concepts, produce high quality projects and develop strategic alliances partnerships with companies of domestic and foreign distribution. As a virtual production company the possibilities are endless in making a more accessible and cost-effective business. Via the internet, we have the ability to simplify networking capabilities, work from anywhere, leverage filmmaking talent worldwide, and adapt to consumer needs for 21st century technology.

The goal is to make the company an interactive multi-lingual tool designed to expose marketable talent worldwide, distribute content through a broad range of demographics and compete on the cutting edge of technology where there are practically no limitations of where it will go. Our focus is to be open-minded to new ideas while structuring a solid foundation. Last but not least, we want to grow with a bit of respect. To succeed as a company who focuses with a vision to involve “you”.

Pixel-Flick Entertainment promises to provide the highest level of professionalism for our clients’ needs.

Thank you for your business.

Brian Stephens